Thursday, 29 May 2008

A special No Bar Codes promo : guest-blogger David Baillie has a quick chat with small press superstars Ben Powis

Hi Ben, hope you're well! We haven't met, but I've read and admired your work, and can't wait to say hello. How would you introduce yourself and your work to someone at NoBarCodes next Saturday in Camden Lock Market who has never heard of you before?

Hi, I am very well thanks and really looking forward to next weekend! For an intro how about...
'Hello my name is Ben and I like to draw pictures' - that sums me up pretty well, even if it does sound like I'm about to host a cheesy gameshow!

You've had your comic Turtle Guitar on the LondonUnderGround Saturday comics table - how has that been for you?

It's been a fantastic, I have received some lovely messages from people who picked the comic up at the LUC tables, but its also been a great learning opportunity. Turtle Guitar is my first comic and being able to get it out to an audience who know what they like and aren't afraid to say so has been invaluable. It's also really exciting to hear about the great things the London Underground Comics guys are doing, I'm proud that my work has some small part in that.

What are you looking forward to most next Saturday?

Meeting everyone who comes along, including all the creators of the comics I have been staring at for so many months! The Internet is great for news and keeping up to date with the latest small press releases, but I am really looking forward to meeting people face to face.

Anything you're dreading?

Being asked to draw something, then getting exposed for the fraud I am! No really...I do draw...honest!

And finally - any message for the people out there, reading this, wishing that they too were a young, cool and sexy comics creator?

Don't do it, don't throw your life away!! Just kidding! If you have something you want to say, a story to tell, just do it.
Looking back, I wouldn't have imagined a year ago that I'd be doing what I am now. I really love it, its the best job in the world.
Oh one final thing, to anyone who is wondering when my next comic 'Where Grows The Bitter Herb' will be out...its finished and (depending on the printers) it might just be premiering at NoBarCodes next Saturday at Camden Lock Market - the only way to be sure is to come along!

Thank you very much, Ben Powis!

No, Thank you! :)


No Bar Codes is a one day indie comics event taking place at Camden Lock Market this Saturday. Click here for more info.

Ben Powis can be found at and No Bar Codes next week. His Turtle Guitar comes highly recommended as does his Lost in the Woods illustration blog!

David Baillie is over at and the awesome new hardback edition of his fantasy adventure Tongue of the Dead debuts at No Bar Codes. Click here for an exclusive discount voucher redeemable on the day


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